Thursday’s news links – Sept. 26, 2019


Google workers have formed a small union, overcoming tech’s long resistance Washington Post

GM granted restraining order against UAW workers in Tennessee CNBC

What the UAW Strike Looks Like, From Deep in the Heart of Anti-Union Texas Texas Observer

Lordstown Plant Is Idle, but It Hovers Over G.M. Strike Talks NYTimes

Facing uncertain future, graduates continue fight to organize Strikewave

France’s train workers go on strike, railing against Macron’s pension reforms France24

Media Continue to Push Misinformation About Venezuela and Drug Trafficking FAIR

Haiti Sen. Jean Marie Ralph Fethière firing his pistol outside Parliament on Sep 23. He wounded two.


Across Haiti, Violent Confrontations Escalate as “Victory” Nears, Opposition Says Haiti Liberte


Cuba, OFAC, Fines and Extraterritoriality Counterpunch


Hong Kong, the Treaty of Nanjing Returns Manlio Dinucci

Greta Thunberg isn’t the only young climate activist you need to know I-D


Protesters Call Indian Prime Minister Modi ‘The Butcher Of Gujrat’ As He’s Honored By Gates Foundation In NYC Gothamist

Indonesia says at least 20 killed, dozens injured in Papua unrest France24

How the global fish market contributes to human micronutrient deficiencies Nature

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