Monday’s news links – Sept. 23, 2019

We Need Biodiversity-Based Agriculture to Solve the Climate Crisis Truthout

Union calls for Fred Meyer boycott over alleged intimidation as contract negotiations drag on Oregonlive

Gas shortages paralyze Haiti, triggering protests against failing economy and dysfunctional politics The Conversation


Amid crippling sanctions, Cuba deploys oxen, wood-fired ovens to overcome fuel crisis Reuters

Oil is plunging after a report that Saudi Arabia is set to fully restore production by next week Business Insider

50 Days of Kashmir Under Lockdown – in Pictures IPS


Egypt: Protesters Gather for 2nd Night, Clash With Police teleSUR


Growing rivalry between China and US plays out in military war games SCMP

U.S. trade regulators approve some Apple tariff exemptions amid broader reprieve Reuters

DeVos Threatens to Cut Funding for Middle Eastern Studies Programs for ‘Portraying Islam Too Positively’ Common Dreams

WaPo No Longer Discloses Its Owner’s Uber Investment FAIR

Indigenous Artists Used Maps as Tools of Resistance in Colonial Mexico Artsy

Driving Black people out of Washington D.C. Washington Post

When the Socialist Revolution Came to Oklahoma—and Was Crushed Smithsonian Magazine

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