Tuesday’s news links – Sept. 17, 2019

Drama in the Oil Markets, But This Isn’t 2007 Anymore Wolf Street

The US has become the largest crude oil producer in the world, and imports from Saudi Arabia have shriveled to about 450,000 barrels per day. China, Japan, and South Korea are now large customers of Saudi Arabia. … This soaring production in the US is at least in part responsible for the collapse of the price of crude oil since 2014. The word is overproduction.

Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm Just Got $2 Billion Richer in One Day Yahoo

Saudi Arabia

Why Would Iran Attack the Saudis NOW? Washington’s Blog

Who Was Behind the Saudi Oil Attack? What the Evidence Shows NYTimes

American officials have offered no evidence beyond the satellite photos, which analysts said were insufficient to prove where the attack came from, which weapons were used and who fired them.

Self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido was reportedly aided by paramilitaries in crossing the border in February.


Venezuela Probes Guaido over Photos with Colombian Drug Traffickers Venezuelanalysis

118 Social and Human Rights Organizations Condemn TIAR’s Invocation against Venezuela Internationalist 360°

Communiqué from Human Rights Organizations & Social Movements Against the Implementation of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) Against Venezuela Internationalist 360°

Brexit: A repeat of the Turmoil of 1914-1922? Richard Murphy

A Shadowy Industry Group Shapes Food Policy Around the World NYTimes

Bill Gates to honor India’s Modi despite Kashmir concerns Associated Press

Governor Newsom Says He Will Veto Bill Blocking Trump Rollback of Endangered Fish Species Protections CounterPunch

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