Sunday’s news links – Sept. 15, 2019

Baltimore protesters give President Trump a hostile reception Baltimore Post-Examiner

The Unemployed Shadow Labor Force Wolf Street

British judge jails Assange indefinitely, despite end of prison sentence Countercurrents

Media Dead Silent As Award-Winning Journalist Crumbles The Myths Surrounding Julian Assange Collective Evolution

Smoke billows from an Aramco oil facility.


Iran dismisses U.S. claim it was behind Saudi oil attacks, says ready for war Reuters

“Drone Attack” on Saudi Oil – Who Benefits? NEO

Pompeo Manipulatively blames Iran as Saudi Arabia loses 58% of Oil Production to Houthi Attack Juan Cole

$100 Oil? Drone Strikes Halt Half Of Saudi Crude Production OilPrice

Oil price spikes expected after drone attacks on Saudi facilities Axios

Attacks On Major Saudi Oil Installations Show Urgent Need For Peace With Yemen Moon of Alabama

Black transgender woman found torched in car as campaigners warn LGBT rights are fragile in Trump’s America The Independent

The US Has “Disappeared” More Than 42,000 Migrants. Where’s the Outrage? Truthout

Isaac Franklin and John Armfield: America’s cruelest, richest slave traders have been forgotten Washington Post

US and Brazil agree to Amazon development BBC


Rejection of the Attempt to Reactivate TIAR Resumen

Hong Kong

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong visits New York to seek U.S. support for protests Reuters

The U.S. Is About to Do Something Big on Hong Kong The Atlantic

Protesters call on UK to protect Hong Kongers from China AFP

Hundreds of demonstrators sang “God Save the Queen” and “Rule Britannia” outside the consulate, waving the Union Jack as well as Hong Kong’s colonial-era flags.

How money can turn electoral results upside down Vox

Russia Has ‘Oligarchs,’ the US Has ‘Businessmen’ FAIR

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