Thursday’s news links – Sept. 12, 2019

Tentative list of the missing in Bahamas has 2,500 names AP


The Next Wave of Labor Unrest Could Be in Grocery Stores InTheseTimes

Grocery Workers’ Union Cancels All Kroger Contracts Due to Unfair Labor Practices

57 Million U.S. Workers Are Part Of The Gig Economy Forbes

29% of all workers in the U.S. have an alternative work arrangement as their primary job.

California passes landmark bill that threatens to upend companies like Uber and Lyft CNBC

Philadelphia’s Top Cop Apologizes for Wearing T-Shirt That Appeared to Make Light of Rodney King’s Beating NBC

The Trump administration wants to open millions of acres of Alaskan forest for mining, logging, and development. Osprey Orielle Lake of Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network explains how activists are trying to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Leaders Fight To Save America’s Largest National Forest The Real News

Kashmir Under Siege: One Month of Silence. The Wire

Trump pushing for major crackdown on homeless camps in California, with aides discussing moving residents to government-backed facilities Washington Post

Dems struggle to respond to Netanyahu annexation plan with hollow ‘two-state’ rhetoric


Canada again sails warship through sensitive Taiwan Strait Reuters

Hong Kong

FM spokesperson quotes Mao poem to slam US lawmakers for slandering China over HK affairs Global Times

US act adding fuel to the Hong Kong fire ChinaDaily

The US Congress has made the passing of the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019” introduced by Congress members in June a top priority, while over the weekend some demonstrators in Hong Kong urged the US Congress to approve the law.

ICE Fails To Properly Redact Document, Reveals Location Of Future ‘Urban Warfare’ Training Facility Newsweek

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