Saturday’s news links – Sept. 7, 2019

What is the True Unemployment Rate in the US? Jack Rasmus

Saudi-led strike hits Yemen prison, killing more than 100 people


Venezuela on alert over possible attack from Colombia Peoples Dispatch


Green-Smearing- from Nicaragua to Bolivia Resumen

Returning to Fidel as the Amazon burns Monthly Review



Federal Weather Workers ‘Shocked’ and ‘Irate’ by NOAA Backing Trump, Union Head Says Daily Beast

GM’s South Korean workers to stage full strike for first time over wage talks Reuters

Health care

The VA as Workers’ Comp: Why Socialized Medicine for Veterans is Worth Defending CounterPunch

Hong Kong

Cuba condemns interference in China’s internal affairs Granma

Indigenous Peoples

“The History of Indigenous People is of Anti-Capitalist Resistance”: An Interview With Nick Estes Regeneration


Haiti: Fuel shortages and price hikes spark new demonstrations Haïti Liberté

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