Friday’s news links – Sept. 6, 2019

‘Staggering’ Death Toll Expected in Bahamas Newser

The official death toll from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas now stands at 30, but with hundreds, possibly thousands of people missing, authorities say the final count could be “staggering.” “The public needs to prepare for unimaginable information about the death toll and the human suffering,” Duane Sands, the country’s health minister, said Thursday night.

The Robert Mugabe I Know Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa


Inside the Harlan County Coal Miner Protest Rolling Stone

Advance Auto Parts warehouse workers go on strike over labor dispute WFMZ

Venezuela and Colombia

Are We Facing a War Between Colombia and Venezuela? Marco Teruggi/Orinoco Tribune

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, decreed an orange alert for the threat of war from Colombia and announced that there will be military exercises throughout the border axis.

Colombia: Agrarian, Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Summit calls for national mobilization against government non-compliance

Indigenous Peoples

The U.S. footprint in Bolivia’s incipient colour revolution Monthly Review

We, the peoples of the Amazon, are full of fear. Soon you will be too Guardian

What To Know About Crazy Horse on the Anniversary of His Assassination Teen Vogue

White Supremacy Tried to Kill Jazz. The Music Triumphed. Truthout


The Pentagon Wants More Control Over the News. What Could Go Wrong? Matt Taibi

From mind control to murder? How a deadly fall revealed the CIA’s darkest secrets Guardian

US Offered Millions To Captain To Help Seize Iranian Oil Tanker OilPrice

PM Skerrit calls for removal of blockade against Cuba Dominica News Online

The Anthropocene Is a Joke The Atlantic

On geological timescales, human civilization is an event, not an epoch.

Bahamian Environmental Advocate Calls for Global Climate Action RNN

Orders for Heavy Trucks Plunged 80% in August Wolf Street

What Marx Understood About Slavery Jacobin

3 Bad Objections To the labour theory of value Paul Cockshott

Since various economics professors noticed that Marxists had been publishing articles showing, from empirical data, that the labour theory of value was right, they have felt the need to come up with objections. The objections raised by economists then get relayed in a popularised form on blogs or social media debates. It is worth my while giving a brief rundown of the 3 favourite objections along with an explanation of why these are all groundless.

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