Wednesday’s news links – Sept. 4, 2019

Bahamas Left in Ruins, 60K Without Water or Food as Dorian Blows Out AP

As Aerial Footage of Devastated Bahamas Emerges, Campaigners Ask How Much Destruction and Death Before Global Climate Action Taken? CommonDreams

“Bahamians have paid a devastating price for a crisis fossil fuel billionaires created. This isn’t right.”

Sacremento, Calif.


Downtown Sacramento intersection blocked as Kaiser workers protest Sacramento Bee

Hundreds of Kaiser staff members march outside Oakland hospital ahead of October strike ABC7News

Immigration takes center stage at Boston’s Labor Day rally Boston Globe

Indigenous Peoples

Queensland extinguishes native title over Indigenous land to make way for Adani coalmine Guardian

The Amazon fire crisis has been 500 years in the making – as Brazil’s indigenous people know only too well The Conversation


US Military Surrounding Venezuela With New Deployment In Guyana

The US military has effectively surrounded Venezuela, ahead of a possible military intervention.

Strangelove redux: US experts propose having AI control nuclear weapons Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

What is Washington Up to in Africa? NEO

There’s well over a hundred military operations being conducted by the Pentagon across Africa

Mixed joy and great sorrow Monthly Review (on the state elections in eastern Germany on September 1)

Even a Brief Recession Would Be Dire for Minority and Low-Income Workers Medium

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