Sunday’s news links – Sept. 1, 2019


Wendy’s Billionaire Owner Spurns Farmworkers While Profiting Off Pension Funds TruthOut

‘We’re Dying Like Flies’: Sick, Retired Coal Miners Betrayed by GOP Senators CommonDreams

Appalachia’s Long, Proud Tradition of Labor Militancy Teen Vogue

Google Contractors Are Unionizing With a Steel Workers Union Motherboard

Part of Google’s “shadow work force” is unionizing in Pittsburgh.

Yellow Vests Gather for 42nd Week of Protests in Paris DefendDemocracyPress


‘Stop the Coup Coup Kachoo!’: Glasgow Protesters Rally Against Prorogation SI

Across Britain, demonstrations have been held to oppose Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament, a decision that was approved by Queen Elizabeth II earlier this week. The prorogation is going ahead, but not everyone is happy about it, as these protesters in Glasgow explain.

Open Letter From College Professors Urges Educators Worldwide to Cancel Class, Join Global Climate Strike CommonDreams

How Sarah Schulman managed to get ‘Pinkwashing’ into the New York Times Mondoweiss

One of the stars of the [BDS] conference at Penn was Sarah Schulman, the writer/professor who wrote the groundbreaking pinkwashing piece in the New York Times last November: How Israel uses gay-rights to launder its human rights violations.


The Oddest and Most Awkward Diplomatic Posting in the World Bloomberg.

For months, envoys to Venezuela shunned Maduro for Guaido. Now they are — uncomfortably — flipping back to Maduro.

Kristen Stewart Takes On the Racist FBI in ‘Seberg’ Daily Beast

Donbass ceasefire is a myth: Ukraine continues shelling of residential areas FRN

‘I hate war’: Interview with Ghost Battalion Commander Alexey Markov

Black Socialists of America Is Putting Anti-Capitalism on the Map The Nation

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