Saturday’s news links – Aug. 31, 2019


The Land Battle Behind the Fires in the Amazon The Atlantic

Western regime-change operatives launch campaign to blame Bolivia’s Evo Morales for Amazon fires Grayzone

President Evo Morales Joins Firefighters to Battle Wildfires in Bolivia Internationalist 360º

How Larry Fink, Joe Biden’s Wall Street Ally, Profits From Amazon Cattle Ranching, a Force Behind Deforestation Intercept

Brazilian indigenous people speak out as Amazon fires rage PBS Newshour

Unplowed Tallgrass Prairie: Rarer Than Old-Growth Forest Counterpunch

Cuba: U.S. Government Earmarks Millions to Hinder Cuban Medical Cooperation Resumen

Using Indigeneity in the Struggle for Palestinian Liberation


Raping Words After Raping Women. On the Feminist Glitter Revolt in Mexico City Malú Huacuja del Toro in Counterpunch

Posicionamiento del Colectivo Zapata Vive ante agresiones a sus medios de transporte (Position of the feminist collective “Zapata Vive” on the burning of their bus)

Venezuelan Opposition ‘Non-Existent’ in Caracas – Politician Sputnik

FARC Political Party Statement

This morning a video was broadcast through the networks in which Iván Márquez, surrounded by a small group of former commanders and guerrillas from the base of the extinct FARC-EP, reads a long document with which they jointly try to justify their return to arms, contrary to what we agreed and signed in Havana, Cuba, with the Colombian state.

The ALTERNATIVE REVOLUTIONARY FORCE OF THE COMMON party, FARC, states that it does not share any of the terms of this speech.

How history textbooks reflect America’s refusal to reckon with slavery Vox

Whitewashing American History: the WPA Mural Controversy in San Francisco Jack Heyman

How Hollywood star Jean Seberg was destroyed by the FBI Independent

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