Thursday’s news links – Aug. 29, 2019


Unpaid Kentucky coal miners have been blocking a train track for 3 weeks CBC

Ford workers in Kentucky overwhelmingly vote for the authority to call a strike WDRB

Grocery workers give supermarkets a Sept. 9 deadline in labor contract talks LATimes

A ‘Liberal Sweatshop’ Is Quashing Its Workers’ Efforts To Unionize HuffPost

Protectors of Mauna Kea Are Fighting Colonialism, Not Science FAIR

At the moment, capitalists value the Amazon for its agricultural potential, but that value is fleeting. When an agribusiness clears a forest, it fells the vegetation, lets it dry out, and then burns it.

Brazil – They’re not wildfires: it’s capitalism

Who’s Burning the Amazon? Rampant Capitalism Wired

Market forces and the administration of Jair Bolsonaro are supercharging the deforestation that’s imperiling the world’s biggest tropical rainforest.

A Top Financier Of Trump And McConnell Is A Driving Force Behind Amazon Deforestation Intercept

Climate crisis: More fires burning across central Africa than Amazon as global deforestation rates approach record high Independent

The Amazon’s Neocolonial Problem Internationalist 360°

Here we are, a President whom NATO powers helped come to office via their support for the coup against Dilma Rousseff and imprisonment of Lula da Silva, has returned the favor, with an opportunity for their corporations to exploit Brazil to an extent not seen since the colonial era as depicted in Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America, and near future as envisaged by the subjects of Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett’s Thy will be done.

Indigenous Peoples

The U.S. Border Patrol and an Israeli military contractor are putting a Native American reservation under “persistent surveillance” Intercept

The trade trigger Michael Roberts

Clearly what happens in the ongoing trade battle has become a trigger point for a stock market collapse and a massive switch into ‘safe haven’ government bonds and gold. But it is more than that. Global growth has been slowing and corporate investment has dropped off sharply. This is driven by a fall in corporate profits, a profits recession.

Hong Kong

Demonstration in Hong Kong against U.S. interference in China’s domestic affairs Xinhua


Raids at night, handbills by day: Army siege in South Kashmir escalates after special status revoked Scroll

Kashmiri Doctor Detained After Raising Concerns About Patients, Access to Medicine The Wire

Pakistan mulling complete closure of airspace to India Live Mint

Im/migrants and refugees

Trump administration to divert FEMA funds for migrant detention and border enforcement CBSNews

Trump Administration Says Children of U.S. Troops Born Overseas Won’t Get Automatic Citizenship Newsweek

Ann Nelson, Expert on Particle Physics, Is Dead at 61 NYTimes

While at the University of Washington, Dr. Nelson became well known for championing diversity and social justice in the sciences, and particularly for mentoring students from nontraditional backgrounds. As part of her efforts to reach more diverse students, she had been giving lectures in the Palestinian territories.

A Soccer Game Becomes an Anti-Fascist Demonstration in Portland 

Iowa college announces ‘decision to remove’ Antifa prof

Stop Boris Johnson! rally in London Sept. 3 Peoples Assembly Against Austerity

Boris Johnson Seizes Power Moon of Alabama

U.S. Opens Anti-Venezuela Office in Colombian Capital NYTimes

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