Saturday’s news links – Aug. 24, 2019

Federal Agencies Have Been Sending Employees Articles From White Nationalist And Conspiracy Websites For Months BuzzFeed

Indigenous Peoples

The War on Indigenous People is a War on the Biosphere Itself Counterpunch

Joint Statement on the Amazon Rainforest Fires and Brazilian President Jair Bolonsaro’s War on Indignenous Indigenous Environment Network

Autopsy: Man killed by police was shot 3 times in back AP

It’s all going pear-shaped Michael Roberts

With perfect timing, just as the summit meeting of the leaders of the top capitalist economies (G7) met in Biarritz, France, China announced a new round of tariffs on $75bn of US imported goods. This was in retaliation to a new planned round of tariffs on Chinese goods that the US planned for December. US President Trump reacted angrily and immediately announced that he was going to hike the tariff rates on his existing tariffs on $250bn of Chinese goods and impose more tariffs on another $350bn of imports.

Cheerleading for Austerity Econospeak

Not content to follow a news strategy that maximizes Trump’s prospects for re-election, the New York Times leads with a story that combines economic illiteracy and reactionary scaremongering in a preview of what we’re likely to see in the 2020 presidential race.

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