Wednesday’s news links – Aug. 21, 2019

Three migrant children die of flu in detention with US authorities refusing to give vaccines, as reports of child molesting emerge Independent

Eric Garner and Our Justified Fear of Police NYTimes

Colin Kaepernick Praises Those Who Continue to Protest Police Violence ColorLines

‘The next Flint,’ and America’s problem with lead in its water Grist


UAW schedules strike vote as negotiations with General Motors continue ABCNews

Lawyer says ICE detained undocumented worker during deposition against former employer The Hill

I was skeptical of unions. Then I joined one. Vox

Florida Nurses: Clinic Warns Only Speak English or Be Fired AP

Nevada casino workers fight an uphill battle to get – and keep – their unions Guardian

Why hasn’t billionaire Koch Foods Inc. CEO Joe Grendys been arrested in the recent ICE poultry plant raids in Mississippi? LaborSouth


Russia Signs Deal to Send Navy to Venezuela After ‘Unacceptable’ U.S. Moves Newsweek

Zimbabwe sanctions: Sadc calls on US and EU to drop policy BBC

Fossil fuel drilling could be contributing to climate change by heating Earth from within PhysOrg

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