Tuesday’s news links – Aug. 20, 2019

Im/migrants and refugees

Why It’s Immigrants Who Pack Your Meat The Atlantic

What Trump has called an “invasion” was actually a corporate recruitment drive.

Indigenous Peoples

Statement On The Trump Administration Gutting The Endangered Speices Act To Benefit Extractive Industry & Suppress Indigenous Voices & Tribal Rights NativeNewsOnline

‘Ecological grief’: Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency Guardian 88% of the population there Inuit, & the country is colonized by Denmark

Mexico: EZLN Announces Creation of New Rebel Municipalities teleSUR

Leaked Audio Shows Oil Lobbyist Bragging About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests Common Dreams

San Miguel de Gualdape Slave Rebellion of 1526 (1st slave revolt in American history) OriginalPeople.org

Uncle Sam was Born Lethal Counterpunch

For revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.

– Frederick Douglass, July 4, 1852

“In the US Prison Industrial Complex, slavery can be used as form of punishment” Dissident Voice

Jay-Z Isn’t a Sellout, He’s a Capitalist Dave Zirin

He’s a billionaire who wants to be an NFL team owner, and erasing Colin Kaepernick is the price of admission.

Hong Kong

Which Hong Kong Protest Size Estimate is Right? Moon of Alabama

Incident at Hong Kong airport comes as a rude awakening Peoples Dispatch

HSBC Runs into Buzzsaw in Hong Kong & China Wolf Street

British colonialism laid the ground for the crises in Hong Kong and Kashmir John Wight


Argentina: A Stunning Defeat for Macri, Trump and the IMF Resumen

Kim Dong Chul’s New Testimony: More Unpleasant Truth on Espionage against North Korea NEO

Pentagon conducts 1st test of previously banned missile AP

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