Monday’s news links – Aug. 19, 2019

This Is Why They Kneel: NYPD Judge Says Eric Garner’s Killer Lied About Chokehold NewsOne

White nationalist arrested over ‘threat to carry out mass shooting’ at Jewish community center in Ohio Independent

Poor people hounded for hospital bills Washington Post


Gibraltar rejects US request to seize Iranian tanker now called ‘Adrian Darya-1’ Arab News

Iranian tanker Grace 1 looks to be leaving Gibraltar after international standoff: marine GPS data France24


Amid failure to topple Maduro, Trump privately proposes a naval blockade of Venezuela Axios

Venezuela Retains Political Control After New US Coercive Measures Venezuelanalysis

Carlos Bulosan

Im/migrants and refugees

The Phrase “Go Back Where You Came From” Has a Long, Violent History Truthout

As a college professor, I often assign novelist and activist Carlos Bulosan’s writings in my classes. To my dismay, I often find that my students have never heard of Bulosan or his writings, which center the Filipino/a immigrant experience in the United States.

Jammu and Kashmir

At least 4,000 detained in Kashmir since region stripped of autonomy France24

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong protests are an attack on socialism FightBack!

HK’s future lies with China, not the West: Martin Jacques People’s Daily


Why Lula Thinks the U.S. Is Behind ‘Operation Car Wash’ Truthdig

Media Blackout on Brazil’s Anti-Bolsonaro Protests FAIR

North Korea rejects peace talks with South Korea over military drills AFP


Marx’s notebooks and the origins of Marxist ecology Climate & Capitalism

Marx wrote that the “union of agriculture and industry” under capitalism led to greater urbanization which concentrated “the historical motive power of society” but, at the same time, “disturbs the metabolic interaction between man and the earth. … Capitalist production therefore only develops the techniques and the degree of combination of the social process of production by simultaneously undermining the original sources of all wealth – the soil and the worker.”

Jobs, The Environment, And A Planet In Crisis LobeLog

Fight racism

Myths about physical racial differences were used to justify slavery — and are still believed by doctors today. NYTimes

The Great Land Robbery: How Federal Policies Dispossessed Black Americans of Millions of Acres The Atlantic

White nationalists are perverting environmentalism to smear migrants New Scientist

Recessions, monetary easing and fiscal stimulus Michael Roberts

What drives capitalist economies and capital accumulation are changes in profits and profitability … Economic growth in a capitalist economy is driven not by consumption but by business investment. That is the swing factor causing booms and slumps in capitalist economies. And business investment is driven mainly by one thing: profits or profitability – not interest rates, not confidence and not consumer demand. It is this simple, obvious and empirically confirmed explanation of regular and recurring booms and slumps that is ignored or denied by the mainstream (including Keynesian) and heterodox post-Keynesian economics.

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