Saturday’s news links – Aug. 17, 2019

Construction workers prepare to battle former ally Trump Politico

Blocking Coal Train, Blackjewel Miners’ Blockade Expands Spectrum News 1

Pennsylvania union leaders reveal Shell employees who skipped Trump rally lost hundreds in income DailyKos

Im/migrants and refugees

ICE Agents in Mississippi Separated Breastfeeding 4-Month-Old Baby from Mother Grit Post

Judges Nix Trump Admin Appeal Claiming Some Migrant Kids May Not Need Soap HuffPost

Whistleblower from Major ICE Immigration Detention Camp Exposes Rampant Abuses, Cover Up of Sexual Assaults Washington Babylon

Truck Rams Immigration Solidarity Protests in Rhode Island: Read Coverage the Mainstream Media Has Missed Washington Babylon

‘We Will Have Her Back’: Jewish Constituents Rally Behind Rashida Tlaib Amid Trump Attacks Common Dreams

Ilhan Omar lays out Israel’s crimes Electronic Intifada

Jammu and Kashmir

Five dead as Pakistan and India exchange fire in Kashmir, officials say SCMP

De-Facto Annexation of Kashmir Means India as a Secular State is Ending RNN


Trump administration tells Congress it plans to sell F-16 fighters to Taiwan CGTN

Puerto Rico

Teachers Fighting for Public Schools Were Key to the Uprising in Puerto Rico Labor Notes

Greenland’s moment in the sun goes beyond Trump’s real estate interests Grist

As climate crisis grows, temperatures set global records Climate & Capitalism


US crimes against Venezuela amount to economic terrorism Sputnik

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