Friday’s news links – Aug. 16, 2019

Im/migrants and refugees

ICE Now Jailing 8,000 Migrants in Mississippi, Louisiana NBC

A truck drove into ICE protesters outside a private prison. A guard was at the wheel. Washington Post

Planned Parenthood Says Trump ‘Gag Rule’ Will Force It to Abandon Low-Income Reproductive Health Program The Root

Who Inflicts the Most Gun Violence in America? The U.S. Government and Its Police Forces Counterpunch


There is reason to fear for the safety of every Kashmiri in India Aljazeera

One day, one city, no relief: 24 hours inside San Francisco’s homeless crisis SFChron

The Red Summer of 1919, Explained TeenVogue

The political economy of Peterloo Michael Roberts

Today is the 200th anniversary of what has come to be called the Peterloo massacre. On 16 August 1819, 60,000 working people gathered at St Peter’s Field in Manchester England to demonstrate for the right to vote, against the terrible conditions and pay of factory workers and for the right or organise at the workplace, among a host of other injustices.

Lyme Disease and Biowarfare Counterpunch

Women aren’t better multitaskers than men – they’re just doing more work The Conversation

A Brief History of Harlan County, USA Labor Notes

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