Tuesday’s news links – Aug. 13, 2019

Im/migrants and refugees

Trump Administration Cites Immigration Laws From 1882 in New “Public Charge” Rule Newsweek

Smash white supremacy

Amid mass shootings, leading historian says ‘white supremacy is baked into the US constitution’ The Canary

The Long and Bloody History of White Supremacy in the U.S. Truthdig

The height of Texas Ranger violence against Mexicans occurred from 1915 to 1919, with some 300 Mexicans murdered between 1915 and 1916 alone. Photo: University of North Texas

To Understand the El Paso Massacre, Look to the Long Legacy of Anti-Mexican Violence at the Border Texas Observer


Argentinean Primary Elections: A Victory that Hit Trump and Netanyahu Resumen

The primary elections in Argentina on Sunday were a defeat for right-wing president Mauricio Macri. These results are a defeat for Donald Trump and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the main pillars of Macri’s administration. It is also a blow for Brazil’s extreme right president Jair Bolsonaro.

Argentina’s 48% Stock Rout Second-Biggest in Past 70 Years Bloomberg


Yemen: Saudi-led Forces Attack UAE-Backed Separatists in Aden, 40 Killed teleSUR

Hong Kong

Central government spokesperson strongly condemns HK rioters’ petrol bomb attacks on police Xinhua

New IMF report doesn’t back Trump’s currency manipulation charge against China Politico

‘Trump is ruining our markets’: Struggling farmers are losing a huge customer to the trade war — China CNBC

Neoliberalism Has Met Its Match in China Truthdig

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