Monday’s news links – Aug. 12, 2019


Chicago Teachers Are Threatening To Strike Against New Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Here’s Why. In These Times

Under Trump, discrimination complaints and firing of disabled federal workers rise NBC

In 2017, the government fired 2,626 full-time employees with disabilities, according to documents from the EEOC obtained by NBC News. That marks a 24 percent increase from 2016.

The EEOC data indicates that workers with disabilities were fired at almost two times the rate of those without disabilities.

Black Mississippians Respond to the ICE Raids Conducted in Mississippi on August 7, 2019

Torn apart from families, almost 400 remain in detention after ICE raids in Mississippi Peoples Dispatch

Nearly 100 Activists Arrested During ICE Protest That Shut Down NYC’s West Side Highway Splinter

A Fist Raised and a Knee Taken: US Gold Medalists Gwen Berry and Race Imboden Protest Trump Racism and Gun Violence Epidemic at Pan Am Games Common Dreams

Indigenous Peoples

Eighth Circuit Unbothered by North Dakota Law Stripping Right to Vote From Native Americans ReWire

Land protectors hold ‘last supper’ as the province begins to flood the Muskrat Falls reservoir APTN News

Native Americans to Boy Scouts: Stop Plundering Our Past VOA

When Native Americans Routed the Ku Klux Klan in the Battle of Hayes Pond The Progressive


U.S. doesn’t want dialogue: turns to economic terror and shows plan to impose its tutelage on Venezuela Presssenza

How the Neighbourhoods React to the Economic Blockade in Venezuela Marco Teruggi

‘Biggest Crisis No One Is Talking About’: Quarter of Humanity Faces ‘Extremely High Water Stress’ Intensified by Climate Emergency Common Dreams

Greenpeace warns Korea of Japan’s radioactive water discharge Korea Times

Finance: fiddling, fetish and fiction Michael Roberts

As Marx said, finance is the epitomy of the fetish of money, increasingly based on investing in fictitious capital, that bears no relation to any value created in an economy, let alone overall social need. As former Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane put it, finance is socially unproductive.

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