Tuesday’s news links – Aug. 6, 2019

Smash white supremacy

Suspected White Supremacist Shooter In Dayton Was Reportedly Angry His Sister Was Dating A Black Man NewsOne

The Latest Massacre Shows the Second Amendment Model of ‘Slave Patrols’ Is Still in Effect Common Dreams

RNs of National Nurses United Say Racism, Xenophobia Combined With Lax Gun Control Laws At Root of Mass Shooting Epidemic

Galveston police apologize after photo surfaces of horse-mounted officers leading handcuffed suspect Houston Chronicle

Exxon Refinery Explosion Another By-Product of Trump Deregulation Mike Elk

Chelsea Manning Is Still In Jail Out

Labor and strikes

AT&T employee contracts in Georgia expire Saturday as talks continue AJC

Southeast workers rally in Atlanta amid contract talks with AT&T AJC


NPR Shreds Ethics Handbook to Normalize Regime Change in Venezuela NPR

Trump expands Venezuela sanctions into embargo The Hill

U.S. Plans Sweeping Measures Against Venezuela, Bolton Says Bloomberg

Bolton warns China, Russia not to double down on support of Maduro Reuters

Hong Kong

Bottom line on Hong Kong brooks no challenge Xinhua

Central government strongly condemns flag-insulting acts by radicals in Hong Kong Xinhua

China urges U.S. to stop interfering in Hong Kong Reuters

Imperialism and global politics

US to soon put intermediate range missile in Asia MilitaryTimes – U.S. to ring China with missiles

China vows to counter US deployment of midrange arms in Asia AP

The Californians forced to live in cars and RVs Guardian

Economic crisis

The Global Currency War Has Begun ZCommunications

Currency wars are like real wars Bloomberg

Real wars have guns, and trade wars are fought with weapons such as tariffs. Currency wars, on the other hand, are stealth battles — no country ever admits that it’s waging one. They surface when policy makers are accused of deliberately driving down exchange rates — or fixing them too low — to gain a competitive advantage. A weaker currency means a country’s exports can be sold more cheaply overseas, providing a jump-start to the economy at home. Things really heat up, though, when suspicious nations retaliate. After years of largely unspoken tensions, U.S. President Donald Trump and his tweets have brought hostilities into the open, raising concern about an unraveling of decades of global pledges to refrain from combat using currencies.

‘Trump kicks markets in the gut’ — global stocks are a bloodbath and US futures spell more pain as trade-war fears grip investors Business Insider

How the Black press helped pave the way for gay rights Washington Post

How African American Land Was Stolen In The 20th Century History News Network

He, she, or … ? Gender-neutral pronouns reduce biases – study Guardian

Health insurance companies are useless. Get rid of them Los Angeles Times

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