Monday’s news links – Aug. 5, 2019

El Paso

If it’s done by a Black man, he’s a thug. If it’s an Arab, then he must be a terrorist. If Latinx, let’s build a wall, but if he’s white, he’s a troubled young man with mental illness, perhaps it’s video games?

Trump Characterizes Mass Shootings as “a Mental Illness Problem” Slate

Republican Politicians on Fox News Blame Video Games for Latest Mass Shootings Daily Beast

El Paso shooting: Some victims too scared to seek medical help for ‘fear over immigration status’ Independent

U.S. Militarism Leads to Gun Violence: The Teachings of the Late Michael Zinzun

Chicano leader Carlos Montes condemns racist massacre in El Paso FightBack

El Paso County sheriff: ‘This Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics’ The Hill

A controversial video of Trump laughing at a proposal to ‘shoot’ migrants is resurfacing amid two shootings in Texas and Ohio Business Insider

Three mine workers stand in front of the railroad crossing sign at the barricaded intersection. Photo: Curren Sheldon

Labor and strikes

Kentucky Coal Miners Continue Protest as Blackjewel’s Bankruptcy Hearing Looms

Sucker-punched by politicians. Betrayed by industry. Kentucky coal miners make a stand.

GE workers union announces strike in August WTEN

Jammu and Kashmir

India Will Come To Regret Today’s Annexation Of Jammu And Kashmir

India scraps special status for Kashmir amid crackdown Reuters

Kashmir leaders under house arrest as unrest grows BBC

MSNBC paid me millions to ‘keep quiet’ on Iraq: Jesse Ventura RT

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura told RT’s Lee Camp that his anti-war views were so unpopular at MSNBC, the network paid him something to the tune of ten million dollars to “keep quiet.” … “They got rid of me because I opposed the invasion of Iraq,”

KKK in White House (goes way back)

Teddy Roosevelt: “It was inevitable and in the highest degree desirable, for the good of humanity at large, that Americans ultimately crowd out the Mexicans. It was out of the question to expect [Anglo] Texans to submit to the mastery of the weaker race.”

Imperialism in the Anthropocene Monthly Review

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