Saturday’s news links – Aug. 3, 2019

‘You’re gonna kill me!’: Dallas police body cam footage reveals the final minutes of Tony Timpa’s life Dallas News

NYPD Suspends Officer Who Killed Eric Garner After Judge Recommends He Should be Fired The Root


The Protesting Kentucky Coal Miners Who Stood Up and Stopped a Train

Harlan County Miners Enter 4th Day Blockading Train as They Demand Backpay Payday Report

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Governor Resigned. It’s Still Not Clear Who Will Replace Him Time

A Movement Against Charter Schools Helped Oust Puerto Rico’s Governor Truthdig

‘Democracy Has Become a Joke on the Island’ FAIR – interview with Ed Morales

Im/migrants and refugees

Border Patrol Detained a 9-Year-Old American Girl on Her Way to School for 32 Hours GQ

The US’s Immigration Crackdown Began Decades Ago Under Clinton Truthout

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Leader, Amazon Defender, Assassinated in Brazil Internationalist 360°


Gilets Jaunes gather for third “Assembly of Assemblies” ROAR

High Profile Labor Leader Has a New Gig Fighting Against Teacher’s Unions Splinter

Andy Stern spent 14 years as the head of the SEIU, America’s most politically active labor union. He was perhaps the most visible union leader in America. And what is he doing now? He’s lending his name to a billionaire-funded astroturf group that aims to quash the power of teacher’s unions.


XXV Sao Paulo Forum Demonstrates that Venezuela is not Alone! Resumen

Trump says U.S. blockade or quarantine of Venezuela under consideration Reuters

New York Times Publishes Anti-Google Rant, Doesn’t Mention the Author Is a Facebook Board Member Gizmodo

Hong Kong background

Exclusive: Hong Kong tycoons start moving assets offshore as fears rise over new extradition law Reuters

Hong Kong has a tycoon problem CNN

Hong Kong’s Top 10 Billionaires Worth 35% of City’s GDP: Chart Bloomberg

Monopoly City: The Companies That Own Everything in Hong Kong SCMP

Nearly half of Hong Kong flats rent for US$2,550 a month – 70 per cent of median household income SCMP

Why is the extradition bill with China so controversial in Hong Kong? Quora

Basically the Extradition Bill threatened the core interest of Hong Kong’s tycoons. Yes, the ones coming out to march were the middle-class, but in a society with as extreme level of inequality as Hong Kong, you can safely assume that the middle class will always go to bat to safeguard the interest of the extremely rich, i.e., the tycoons. … One of the beloved Hong Kong tycoons, Joseph Lau, with $17 billion in assets, is a convicted felon and fugitive from Macao. … So, are you in favor of extradition or not? NOT! If money laundering is a crime, you might as well just close down all the Hong Kong banks!

Borotba on Ukraine parliamentary elections: New faces, old course

Jules Archer’s “The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking TRUE Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow F.D.R.” Kindle edition on sale for two bucks

Many people might not know that in 1933, a group of wealthy industrialists—working closely with groups like the K.K.K. and the American Liberty League—planned to overthrow the U.S. government and run FDR out of office in a fascist coup. Readers will learn of their plan to turn unhappy war veterans into American “brown shirts,” depose F.D.R., and stop the New Deal. They asked Medal of Honor recipient and Marine Major General Smedley Darlington Butler to work with them and become the “first American Caesar.” Fortunately, Butler was a true patriot. Instead of working for the fascist coup, he revealed the plot to journalists and to Congress.

Here is Butler giving his case:

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