Links – June 20, 2019

Over 500,000 Women Participate in Switzerland Women’s Strike Truthout

Is Big Oil’s Plastic Bet Going Sour? OilPrice


From Exxon to ‘ambassador’: How Carlos Vecchio became Venezuela’s top coup lobbyist Grayzone

What About Venezuela’s Hacked Power Grid? Counterpunch

Canada Hires Hitman to Overthrow Venezuelan Government Internationalist 360°

‘This Pipeline Will Not Be Built,’ Indigenous and Climate Leaders Tell Trudeau After Canada Approves Trans Mountain Expansion Common Dreams


‘NYT’ readers call out the newspaper for abetting war against Iraq and now Iran Mondoweiss

Bret Stephens, Warmonger American Conservative

Have you heard of the CIA’s Iran mission center? Vijay Prashad

The United States Has A Permanent Temp Worker Problem Indypendent

Why a hipster, vegan, green tech economy is not sustainable Al Jazeera

Improving eco-efficiency within a capitalist growth-oriented system will not save the environment.

Financial Times explains Facebook’s Libra

It’s actually an ETF (exchange traded fund) with a light sprinkling of blockchain pixie dust to make it seem

Notes on Marx’s “General Law of Capitalist Accumulation” Monthly Review

One of the U.S.’s top capitalist mouthpieces, The Harvard Business Review(October 24th 2017), admits that hourly inflation-adjusted wages for the typical American worker have, since the early 1970s, hardly risen, edging upwards a mere 0.2% per year. Throughout this period, remember, the overall economy has been growing. Thus American workers haven’t participated in any of the growth, nor benefited from gains in their own productivity. The reason why is classic Marx Volume One: new technology has put downward pressure on less-skilled workers’ wages; and workers displaced from work send disciplinary messages to those still active in work: work harder or else!

Joe Biden Fondly Recalls The ‘Civility’ Of Pro-Segregation Senators NewsOne

Biden Under Fire For His Nostalgia For Segregationist Senators Daily Beast

White-Ass Joe Biden Claims Old White-Ass Segregationist Never Called Him ‘Boy’ The Root

Mohamed Morsi death: Former Egyptian leader was murdered, says Turkish president Erdogan Independent

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