Links – June 18, 2019

No African American has won statewide office in Mississippi in 129 years – here’s why The Conversation

China’s Xi to visit North Korea as both countries lock horns with United States Washington Post


From coup leaders to con artistry: Juan Guaidó’s gang exposed for massive humanitarian aid fraud Grayzone


Haiti: The Epic of a Great Popular Uprising Internationalist 360°

U.S Coastguard patrols in the Gulf.


US secretary of state declares “military response” to Iran “being considered” Countercurrents

“The bombing will be massive”: US planning a ‘tactical assault’ in Iran – UN officials Jerusalem Post

Remember the Vincennes? The US’s Long History of Provoking Iran Counterpunch

US will not ‘stumble into’ war with Iran by mistake. If it happens, it will be by design RT

The Hong Kong Protests Could Be a Prelude to a Big Showdown Over Taiwan

Moldova: Pavel Grigorchuk transferred to house arrest

Why sleeplessness is a political issue New Statesman

In an age of intensified work, it’s time to stop tracking sleep and start politicising exhaustion.

President Mohamed Morsi: murdered by the thug El Sisi Counterfire

The American Dream Is Alive and Well—in China Web of Debt

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