Links – June 13, 2019


Cuban Doctors Provide Healthcare To Those In Need – The U.S. Wants To Stop Them Moon of Alabama

The Little Known Story of the Chernobyl Children Cured in Cuba Resumen

Im/migrants and refugees

Trump Admin to Use Former Army Base That Served as Japanese Internment Camp to House 1,400 Migrant Kids Time

Falling coffee prices drive Guatemalan migration to the United States Washington Post

Chilling Replicas Of ‘Children In Cages’ Appear On NYC Sidewalks Gothamist


Global Semiconductor Sales Plunge 24% from Peak, Deepest % Plunge since Financial Crisis, Deepest $ Plunge Ever. Here’s Why Wolf Street

Why Boeing May Never Recover From Its 737 Debacle Truthdig

16,000 people in L.A. now live in cars, vans and RVs. But safe parking remains elusive Los Angeles Times

Saving the Planet With Electric Cars Means Strangling This Desert Bloomberg

Haiti Uprising Rekindled After Latest Corruption Report Haïti Liberté


Forget the trade war — a bigger conflict between the US and China is playing out right under our noses Business Insider

Russia-China : the summit which the media ignored Manlio Dinucci

Donetsk solidarity with Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and BadComedian

The IMF Confirms That ‘Trickle-Down’ Economics Is, Indeed, a Joke

WATCH: The Plot Against Harold Wilson
2006 BBC Documentary Newly Relevant In Wake of Pompeo Leak


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