Links – June 1, 2019

Chelsea Manning is Showing Us What Real Resistance Looks Like Counterpunch

Julian Assange

Julian Assange Fails to Appear in London Court Citing Serious Health Problems Gizmodo

The final punishment of Julian Assange reminds journalists their job is to uncover what the state keeps hidden. Independent. Robert Fisk.

U.N. Special Rapporteur Calls for Julian Assange to Be Freed, Citing “Psychological Torture” Democracy Now



National strike paralyses Argentina, halting flights and ports Al Jazeera

The Racist Origins of San Francisco’s Housing Crisis New Republic

For decades, the city used strict zoning laws to target the poor and people of color. Today, liberal NIMBYs are fighting to preserve them.

Newark Ticketing Drivers Who Give Money To Panhandlers CBS New York

U.S. Measles Outbreaks Hit Highest Level in More Than 25 Years WSJ

Malaysia orders tonnes of imported waste to be returned BBC

United CEO says he’s not sure travelers will want to fly a Boeing 737 Max — even after a fix CNBC

China’s saber-rattling on rare-earths trade has US officials looking for options Ars Technica

Let’s Not Upset the President: The White House Tells the Navy to Hide the U.S.S. McCain NYTimes

On a Pacific island, a nuclear dome left behind by the US begins to crack AFP

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