Links – May 31, 2019

Gig economy workers are struggling financially Vox

Women’s Fertility App Is Secretly Funded by Anti-Abortion Activists, Says Report Daily Beast

Great Lakes are rapidly warming, likely to trigger more flooding and extreme weather CBC

Black Jewish Activist Jackie Walker Ousted from British Labour Party for Advocating for Holocaust Memorial Day to Include Victims of Transatlantic Slave Trade Atlanta Black Star


Arms Makers Tell Investors That Iran Tension Fuels Business Intercept

Does Iran’s Economic Fate Depend on a Lifeline From China? Vijay Prashad

Tehran has long hoped that China would continue to buy Iranian oil and prevent the meltdown of Iran’s economy and its government

That Time the U.S. Military Played a War Game Against “Iran” — and Lost DownWithTyranny!

Nuke Retirements Could Lead To 4 Billion Metric Tons of Extra CO2 Emissions, Says IEA ars technica

The world needs topsoil to grow 95% of its food – but it’s rapidly disappearing Guardian

Industrial food-like products

Banned bread: why does the US allow additives that Europe says are unsafe? Guardian

Spray Cheese Would Count as Staple Under Trump Food Stamp Rule Bloomberg

Natural gas gets a Trump-friendly rebrand as ‘freedom gas’ Grist

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