Links – May 30, 2019

Google’s Reliance on Temps and Contractors Creates Unfair ‘Caste System’ Truthdig


The human cost of America’s “economic war” in Venezuela New Statesman

Honduran teachers and doctors continue anti-privatization strike Radio Havana Cuba

Beer Transnationals Are Sucking Mexico Dry


Philippine Supreme Court removes Duterte ‘enemy’ judge Reuters

Bello: Philippines in ‘brave new world’ of politics under Duterte The Rappler


Arundhati Roy on India’s Elections: “A Mockery of What Democracy Is Supposed to Be” New Republic

Femi Aborisade

The Roots of the Crisis in Nigeria: interview with Femi Aborisade ROAPE

The Anti-Defamation League Is Not What It Seems Boston Review

Under the guise of fighting hate speech, the ADL has a long history of wielding its moral authority to attack Arabs, blacks, and queers.

Bannon described Trump Organization as ‘criminal enterprise’, Michael Wolff book claims Guardian

Cannes 2019: Palme d’Or Winner ‘Parasite’ Defined a Year of Movies About Class Warfare IndieWire

ABC News spent more time on royal baby in one week than on climate crisis in one year Media Matters

Endless Procedural Abuses Show Julian Assange Case Was Never About Law Jonathan Cook

New York’s Adoption Of Congestion Charging Might Mean Something Much More Radical Could Come Forbes

In 1975, Singapore was the first city in the world to try “congestion charging” — a toll for driving into the central business district meant to reduce traffic there. … Everybody’s taxes pay for the roads, so charging for them smacks of saying that everybody’s roads are only for the rich.

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