Links – May 29, 2019


How Jimmy Carter Laid the Groundwork for Trump to Go to War With Iran Washington Monthly

Iran Economic Sanctions Kill as Effectively as Bombs Internationalist 360°

The Bolivarian Revolution and the Warmongering “Pacifists” Investig’action

Ten Questions About the Gulf War Monument Planned for Washington David Swanson


‘It Is Not a Forum for Coup-Mongering,’ Venezuelan Official Says After US Walks Out of Arms Control Conference Common Dreams

Food, fuel ships to Venezuela are being sabotaged, says Maduro RT

U.S. Carries the Water for Venezuelan Opposition in Norway Talks Resumen

For Some Mysterious Reason, U.S. Media Not Covering Student-Led Anti-Government Strikes In Colombia Washington Babylon

Im/migrants and Refugees

The Latest Racist Text Messages From Border Patrol Agent Confirm the Disturbing Trend That Has Existed for a While Now Latino Rebels


View the Frontline Documentary on Gaza that PBS pulled


A Modi Victory Puts India’s 200 Million Muslims in Danger Nation

Interview with the Sudanese Communist Party: “Wrench the power from the hands of the military” Internationalist 360°

In Malaysia, a snag in US search for alternative to Chinese rare earths SCMP

U.S. Stocks Have Fallen For 5 Weeks In A Row – That Is The Worst Stock Market Streak In Almost 8 Years Activist Post

Advertising as a major source of human dissatisfaction: Cross-national evidence on one million Europeans VOX (advertising is bad for you)

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