Links – May 25, 2019

School made six-year-old girl do ‘cafeteria walk of shame,’ return lunch, because she didn’t have enough money Newsweek

California May Go Dark This Summer, and Most Aren’t Ready Bloomberg

Labor Board Plans Rules on Worker Protests, Student Organizing Bloomberg Law

Coltrane Chimurenga

December 12th Movement pays homage to comrade Coltrane Chimurenga Amsterdam News

When Socialists Swept Milwaukee The Belt


‘Troops To Iran’ Scare – The Mountain Brings Forth A Mouse Moon of Alabama

Senate panel rejects requiring Congress sign off before Iran strike The Hill

The evidence we were never meant to see about the Douma ‘gas’ attack Robert Fisk, Independent


Key lawmaker wants U.S. to invade Venezuela to counter Cuba’s influence Miami Herald

Top US commander warns Maduro ‘mafia’ poses threat beyond Venezuela The Hill (more war propaganda)

Oppose Trump’s coup attempt in Venezuela (Commentary)

Donald Trump’s Huawei ban is a more severe threat to global economy than trade war tariffs, economists say South China Morning Post

Thousands of Uruguayan workers mobilize during partial general strike Peoples Dispatch

As the far-right wins Indian elections, progressive forces vow to resist Peoples Dispatch

The faux revolution of mindfulness. McMindfulness is the new capitalist spirituality. OpenDemocracy

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