Links – May 20, 2019

If a fetus is a person, it should get child support, due process and citizenship Washington Post


As Thousands of Taxi Drivers Were Trapped in Loans, Top Officials Counted the Money NYTimes

Trump’s NLRB Rules That Uber Drivers Cannot Unionize Labor411

She served an $8 school lunch to a teen who couldn’t pay. Then she was fired — for ‘theft’. Washington Post

A Major Coal Company Went Bust. Its Bankruptcy Filing Shows That It Was Funding Climate Change Denialism. The Intercept

Fire danger could force SF blackout, PG&E says San Francisco Chronicle

A Transgender Woman Who Was Attacked in Dallas Last Month Has Been Found Dead NYTimes

What the hell is a “Consensual Rape”?

Chelsea Manning

U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning addresses reporters outside the Albert Bryan U.S federal courthouse with attorney Moira Meltzer-Cohen on May 16, 2019 in Alexandria, Virginia.

‘This Is Unprecedented’: Judge Orders Chelsea Manning Jailed, Imposes Daily $500 Fine After 30 Days Behind Bars Common Dreams


Venezuela: Amnesty International in Service of Empire RiseUpTimes

India: another China or another Brazil? Michael Roberts

98.3% of Ghana’s Gold Remains in the Hands of Multinational Corporations Common Dreams


Corporate Media Setting Up Iran as New ‘Threat’ That Must Be Confronted Common Dreams

Spain pulls its frigate from US military build-up in Gulf France24

Beijing Backs Iran, “Firmly Opposes” Unilateral US Sanctions Zerohedge

On The Cusp Of War: Why Iran Won’t Fold OilPrice


Propaganda Intensifies Trade War With China Moon of Alabama

The U.S. Has a Fleet of 300 Electric Buses. China Has 421,000 Bloomberg

Merkel Says Postwar Order Over, Calls on Europe to Unite in Face of US Sputnik

Hedge Fund Billionaires Were Democrats’ Main Bankrollers in 2018 Truthout

A New Diet Study Confirms Your Worst Suspicions About Ultra-Processed Foods Gizmodo

Hydropower’s Dangerous Bid To Re-cast Itself As ‘Green’ International Business Times

What longer paternity leave did for men in Spain TreeHugger

Modern art was CIA ‘weapon’ The Independent

Revealed: how the spy agency used unwitting artists such as Pollock and de Kooning in a cultural Cold War

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