Links – May 18, 2019


National Mobilization Saturday May 18 at the Venezuelan Embassy in D.C.

US orders suspension of all passenger and cargo flights between US and Venezuela, citing unrest and violence around airports SCMP

A Day in a Venezuelan Chavista Stronghold: Communal Resistance in Caracas Resumen

Is the Venezuela opposition really “pro-democracy”? That’s worthy of Orwell FAIR

US-backed opposition leader admits Venezuela ‘is not a dictatorship’ and only foreign intervention can topple Maduro Grayzone

Communal Endurance in 23 de Enero Internationalist 360°


The Media’s Shameful Handling Of Bolton’s Iran Threat Claims Recalls The Run-Up To The Iraq War LobeLog

Abortion rights

Nationwide Protests and State Boycotts Planned Amid Wave of GOP Attacks on Abortion Rights Common Dreams

#StopTheBans Actions

Facebook busts Israel-based ‘fake news’ campaign to disrupt elections worldwide Japan Times

Jesus Santrich seriously injured in prison: FARC

Yellow Vests Six Months Later Znet

I am writing you from France, where I am a participant-observer in the Yellow Vest movement, which is still going strong after six months, despite a dearth of information in the international media.

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