Links – May 12, 2019


Venezuelan Embassy: Water Shut Off, Police Block Entry of Food teleSUR

Guaido seeks relations with US military in attempt to take power in Venezuela Guardian

Distorting ‘Democracy’ in Venezuela Coverage FAIR

John Bolton Inadvertently Quotes Hitler Counterpunch

National Assembly VP Detained and 55 Armed Forces Officers Expelled in Attempted Putsch Fallout in Venezuela Venezuelanalysis

Silicon Valley Giants Collaborate With The US Government On Venezuela


The Media’s Shameful Handling Of Bolton’s Iran Threat Claims Recalls The Run-Up To The Iraq War LobeLog

Media Amplify Iran War Propaganda – Play Up Intelligence Lies Moon of Alabama

Climate Change

Developing a Marxist approach to global agriculture: A primer on the role of animals in maintaining soil health David Walters

A Green New Deal Must Prioritize Regenerative Agriculture Truthout

‘Huge Moment for Justice’: Landmark Verdict as UK Jury Acquits Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Who Argued Necessity Defense Common Dreams

Internal documents show 3M hid PFAS dangers for decades Detroit Free Press

Teacher Diagnosed with Cancer Has to Pay for a Substitute Out of Her Own Pocket GritPost

Under a 1976 California law, teachers who have more than 10 sick days in a school year have to pay for a substitute teacher out of their own salary.

7 Arrested After Police Raid Sit-in Against Hopkins Private Police RNN

Ethiopia’s garment workers make clothes for Guess, H&M, and Levi’s—but are the world’s lowest paid Quartz

Eric Hobsbawm, the Communist Who Explained History The New Yorker

Socialist calculation: the computer engineering problem Paul Cockshott

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