Links – May 9, 2019

3 Muslim Workers at Amazon File Federal Discrimination Complaint NYTimes

Officer punched Oscar Grant and lied about facts in 2009 killing, records show Guardian

Trump Trade Tweets Send Grain Markets Diving to 42-Year Low Bloomberg

More than 20,000 Cuban collaborators, 61% of whom are women, remain in Venezuela fighting to save lives and ensuring the well-being of the population of this sister nation. Photo: Omara García

Cuban “troops” saving lives in Venezuela Granma

Chelsea Manning says she’ll never testify, seeks release AP

The Reason Renewables Can’t Power Modern Civilization Is Because They Were Never Meant To Forbes

No amount of marketing could change the poor physics of resource-intensive and land-intensive renewables. Solar farms take 450 times more land than nuclear plants, and wind farms take 700 times more land than natural gas wells, to produce the same amount of energy.

A war is brewing over lithium mining at the edge of Death Valley LATimes

Sure, Unemployment Went Down – Because More People Left The Workforce Forbes

Trump May Redefine Poverty, Cutting Americans From Welfare Rolls Bloomberg

The White House Is Planning a Backdoor Travel Ban on Trump’s “S—thole Countries” Slate

May 9th: ‘Victory of the Red Army, comprised of the Soviet people’ 

Peterloo Counterpunch

In St Peter’s Field in Manchester, U.K., on 16 August two hundred years ago there is a massacre. The class struggle is in the open.  The ruling class of landlords, merchants, bankers, and factory owners are arrayed against a working class of handworkers, factory workers, plantation workers, home workers, ship and sail workers, and workers without work. Surveying the carnage afterwards a clever journalist came up with the equation: Waterloo + St Peter’s Field = Peterloo.

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