Links – May 3, 2019


3 arrested outside Venezuelan Embassy; activists face dwindling supplies Washington Post (reads like a Pentagon version of events)

Ilhan Omar Speaks Out Against U.S. Sanctions & Bipartisan Support for Regime Change in Venezuela Democracy Now

A first-hand account from Caracas on the rightists’ failed coup-day Countercurrents

DC embassy protectors force Guaido’s shadow ambassador to flee in failure as coup flops in Venezuela Grayzone

Ben Norton (@BenjaminNorton)

Isn’t it interesting how the US and European corporate media keep conveniently forgetting to show these absolutely GIGANTIC pro-government Chavista marches in Venezuela?

I’m sure it’s only a coincidence. Just ignore the long, long pattern of dishonesty.


A Letter to N.C. Students: Here’s Why Your Teachers Are Marching Education Week

Freelancers Want to Join Unions but Labor Laws Won’t Let Them Teen Vogue

Minneapolis Uber drivers are striking May 8 over sub-minimum wages City Pages

As South Carolina Teachers Walkout, 10,000 Storm State Capitol in Columbia Payday Report

Emails show Trump admin had ‘no way to link’ separated migrant children to parents NBC

How Trump’s hawkish advisors won debate on Iran oil sanctions Reuters

Did the CIA Orchestrate an Attack on the North Korean Embassy in Spain? The Nation

An American Reporter in Belfast: How a New Yorker Writer Got So Much Wrong in His Bestselling Book On The Troubles Counterpunch

Reform capitalism or face revolution, billionaires are told at Milken Conference LATimes

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