Links – May 2, 2019


US military action in Venezuela ‘possible if that’s what’s required’ – Pompeo RT

Violent, Bigoted Supporters of Juan Guaidó Attempt to Invade Venezuela’s D.C. Embassy MPN

Venezuela – Guaidó Got Snookered – White House Starts Beating War Drums Moon of Alabama

A Washington Post wrap-up says that everyone expected important people to change sides: Announcements by senior Maduro officials that they were changing sides did not materialize, and the administration appeared increasingly concerned as it debated next steps. …

In an apparent attempt to divide Maduro’s government, Bolton said senior officials, including Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López, had been in secret talks with Guaidó, and he called on them to “make good on their commitments” to help oust Maduro. … Bolton called by name for three officials in Venezuela — the defense minister, the chief judge of the Supreme Court, and the commander of the presidential guard — to support Guaidó taking power. …

Everyone in Washington believed that significant figures in the Venezuelan government would change sides. They did not do so. Vladimir Padrino rejected the coup within an hour after Guaidó announced it. It seems that the Guaidó side got played by the Venezuelan Defense Minister and several other officials and officers. They seem to have promised to support Guaidó only to bait him into taking steps that would embarrass him.

McClatchy piece headlined “What went wrong?” seems to confirm this interpretation

Venezuela’s Guaidó Falsely Claims Military Uprising in Progress: Mainstream Media Falls in Line Real News Network

Venezuela – Random Guyaidó’s New Coup Attempt Turns Out to Be A Dangerous Joke Moon of Alabama

Biden Sides With Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo in Backing Venezuela Coup Effort MPN

Cuba categorically rejects threats from the U.S. government and the attempted coup in Venezuela Granma


Millions of Cubans march to celebrate May Day ACN

India student leader ‘a symbol of protest’ against PM Modi BBC

Oil Retreats as U.S. Stockpile Jump Counters Global Supply Fears Bloomberg

Coup attempts in Caracas and escalating sanctions on Iran would typically be enough to rattle markets. But oil fell “amid signs of a sharp increase in U.S. crude inventories.”

Oil prices fell after report of swelling US crude stockpiles CNBC

To Defeat ICE, We Need to Target Its Backers — Microsoft and Amazon Truthout


Uber drivers across America are going on strike — UPDATED BoingBoing

Uber’s $9 billion IPO rests on drivers’ 80-plus hour workweeks and a lot of waiting The Conversation

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