Links – April 27, 2019

Venezuela and Cuba

All Out This Weekend: People’s Mobilization To Protect The Venezuelan Embassy

The United States Attacks Cuba Once Again Resumen

Civilians are the real victims (and targets) of Trump’s Venezuela sanctions RT

Eva Bartlett: Racism motivates the opposition in Venezuela

N. Korea warns of ‘corresponding response’ as Washington & Seoul stage joint war games RT

Support the PFLP hunger strikers


Cyclone Kenneth is one of the strongest storms to hit mainland Africa New Scientist

Pipeline Protester Charged with “Threat of Terrorism” for Locking Down Against the MVP IGD

Emperor penguins flee unsteady ice after ‘unprecedented’ failure to breed Science

How to stop climate change? Nationalise the oil companies Guardian (can a halfway measure really work? really to stop climate change the profit system has to be overturned as well)

Progressive capitalism – an oxymoron Michael Roberts

Trump Praises Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville Defense Daily Beast

Mask off? US ambassador to Russia says US practices diplomacy with aircraft carriers RT

China and Russia forge stronger Eurasian economic ties as Vladimir Putin gets behind Xi Jinping’s belt and road plan in face of US hostility SCMP

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