Links – April 26, 2019

Hunger Strike at River Correctional Facility, Louisiana Perilous

Approximately 150 immigrant detainees at the private prison owned by the LaSalle Management Corporations launched a hunger strike to protest treatment.


Activists Remain In Venezuelan Embassy With Gratitude From Foreign Ministry Popular Resistance

Venezuelan Opposition Reps Throw Temper Tantrums When Confronted About Lack Of Legitimacy, Interventionist Plans At OAS Grayzone

Venezuela’s Embassy: Activists vs. US Government RNN

Report Finds US Sanctions on Venezuela Are Responsible for Tens of Thousands of Deaths Common Dreams

US-Led Bombing Campaign in Syria Killed 1,600 Civilians and Left Raqqa ‘Most Destroyed City in Modern Times’: Study Common Dreams


How Amazon automatically tracks and fires warehouse workers for ‘productivity’ The Verge

In a 14-month span starting in August 2017, Amazon fired about 300 full-time employees at a single warehouse in Baltimore because of their productivity.

Union-Buster Rick Berman on His Anti-UAW Strategy at VW in Chattanooga Payday Report

Uber drivers plan to strike next week in anticipation of IPO Salon

Boom and then bust? Michael Roberts

Anita Hill: I Talked to Biden—He Isn’t Sorry Daily Beast

Older Americans are twice as likely to work now as in 1985 Investment News

Opinion: Why do Americans pay more for drugs? Marketwatch

Indigenous Peoples

Brazil: indigenous people rally in capital to protest against Bolsonaro onslaught Guardian

Using maps as a weapon to resist extractive industries on Indigenous territories The Conversation

The little-known history of Squamish Nation land in Vancouver CBC

“Even today, we are hostages of states that do not recognize our Mapuche nationality” Peoples Dispatch

Yes, LinkNYC Kiosks Are Giant Data-Harvesting Surveillance Cameras, Obviously Gothamist

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