Links – April 19, 2019

Report: Going 100% renewable power means a lot of dirty mining Grist

VIDEO: How the Pentagon and CIA Push Venezuela Regime-Change Propaganda in Video Games Grayzone

Lawyering While Black: Cop Detains Attorney in Courthouse, Accuses Him of Impersonating a Lawyer The Root

Traders wake up to cost of coffee crisis Financial Times


Why nurses are striking Axios

Volkswagen Abandons Union Neutrality with Anti-UAW Letter Labor Notes

Chicago Musicians’ Strike Continues – Musicians Dig In Heels YouTube – TheJimmyDoreShow


Trump declares economic war on Cuba The Conversation

Why Guaido Is No Longer in the News Resumen

Indigenous Peoples

Mi’kmaq grandmothers arrested at Alton Gas site to launch title claim APTN

3 arrested at Alton Gas site as RCMP enforce injunction CBC

Fossil Fuel Companies Are Enlisting Police to Crack Down on Protesters In These Times

Philadelphia Barber Wants Answers After Police Told Him to Stop Providing Free Haircuts to Homeless The Root

‘It’s an Aristocracy’: What the Admissions-Bribery Scandal Has Exposed About Class on Campus Chronicle of Higher Education

Jimmy Carter took call about China from concerned Donald Trump: ‘China has not wasted a single penny on war’ Newsweek

Jimmy Carter Calls US “The Most Warlike Nation in History Of The World” U.S. Journal

The Toxic Lure of “Guns and Butter” Common Dreams

Bret Stephens Did Something to Ilhan Omar’s Quote Hmm Daily

Bret Stephens, the New York Times opinion columnist and expert on proper journalistic behavior, wrote a column to join in the condemnation of Representative Ilhan Omar for having said four words about 9/11, two of which were an indefinite pronoun and an indefinite adjective, and the other two of which were “people” and “did.” Like all the earlier arrivals on the dogpile, Stephens had to deal somehow with the fact that her quote itself was completely innocuous; unlike the others, he works in a format where he couldn’t just paste in a picture or video of a plane hitting the World Trade Center to try to make it seem worse.

UK police shut off Wi-Fi in London Tube stations to deter climate protesters The Verge

Political reprisals in Moldova: Grigorchuk jailed 30 more days, faces new charges

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