Links – April 14, 2019

The largest private sector strike in years is playing out at supermarkets across the Northeast Vox

“Please Help We Are Dying”: Protests Called as Anger Grows Over Viral Photos from Inside Dekalb County Jail IGD

Workers at the American Museum of Natural History Protest Gala for Bolsonaro LeftVoice

Silicon Valley, once a bastion of libertarianism, sees a budding socialist movement Salon

Defying their overlords, tech workers are organizing and demanding democracy in the workplace

Georgetown students vote in favor of reparations for enslaved people Washington Post

Palestinians launch mass hunger strike against prison repression Electronic Intifada

Hollywood at war: Thousands of writers told to axe agents at midnight Axios

The Writers Guild of America says it has instructed its 13,000 members to fire their talent agents at midnight on Saturday.

A delicate moment Michael Roberts

The IMF-World Bank meeting in Washington this weekend revealed again that the world economy is slowing down and the prospect of an outright recession is getting much higher. As the IMF chief economist puts it: capitalism is in a delicate moment.

Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police NYTimes

Taliban Claims It Shot Down US B-52 Bomber in Afghanistan Sputnik

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