Links – April 12, 2019

Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

‘Julian Assange exposed great crimes & now great crime committed against him’ RT

US charges Assange with conspiring with Manning AP

Here’s the Interview With Glenn Greenwald About Julian Assange It Seems NPR Didn’t Want You To Hear Common Dreams


New England supermarket chain workers strike, forcing hundreds of stores to close The Hill


Chinese envoy urges lifting of unilateral sanctions on Venezuela Xinhua

Is the U.S. Prepared to Accept a Defeat in Venezuela? Resumen

Exclusive: Venezuela removes eight tonnes of gold from central bank – sources Reuters

Activists protest outside the Philippine Center in New York; Demand Justice for Farmers Killed in the Philippines

Indigenous Peoples

This is the world’s most destructive oil operation—and it’s growing National Geographic

Indigenous people and environmentalists want to prevent the expansion of Canada’s oil sands development, and the water and air pollution that come with it.

Native American athletes and fans face ongoing racism High Country News

School officials: Native American regalia not allowed at graduation ceremony Oklahoma News 4

3 arrested at Alton Gas site as RCMP enforce injunction CBC

‘A grotesque travesty’: Inuit men hanged in 1923 to assert Canada’s control over the north, says author CBC

Statement About the Military Coup in Sudan Anti-Imperialist Front

The process of subjugation of Sudan to the imperialists interests has started in 2007 with a UN military intervention and culminated today with a regime-change protests, and finalised with a coup d’etat.

Team Trump’s Iran War Rationales Are Nonsense Lobe Log


Brazil’s Far-Right President Jair Bolsonaro To Be Honored At American Museum of Natural History Gala Gothamist

Red-stained Brazil flags at burial of man shot by military Associated Press

Officials Push Petrochemical Expansion, Protestors Fight Back 100 Days In Appalachia

‘Chemical burns’: Delta flight attendants say new uniforms cause rashes Guardian

Cuba’s worker bees boost thriving honey business Agence France Presse

Policing Worsens Public Safety for Puerto Rico’s Most Vulnerable Truthout

Downturn in manufacturing new orders adds to evidence of slowdown Angry Bear

World in Crisis: A Global Analysis of Marx’s Law of Profitability – book review Counterfire

What “Capitalism” Is and How It Affects People Teen Vogue

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