Links – March 29, 2019

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Evacuating By Helicopter, Expecting Record Floods

Chicago police raided a 4-year-old’s birthday party, lawsuit claims Washington Post


Trump tells Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela Reuters

Judge Identifies CIA Related Man Who Led The Raid On North Korea’s Embassy In Spain Moon of Alabama

20th anniversary of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia: Serbians demand an end to NATO presence Peoples Dispatch

All charges dropped against Jussie Smollett, victim of Chicago police FightBack! News

US is Behaving as True Looters Do NEO

China’s new Silk Road to link Africa’s huge market to the rest of the world – official RT

U.S. Border Patrol agents register migrants at a processing center in El Paso, Texas.

Im/migrants and refugees

‘We Are Running Concentration Camps’: Images From El Paso Stir Outrage Over Migrant Treatment Common Dreams

Thousands of workers at US factories in Mexico are striking for higher wages Vox

Joe Biden Isn’t Sorry for What He Did to Anita Hill. He’s Sorry It Could Keep Him From Becoming President. Daily Beast

The Filipino people’s revolutionary armed struggle for national and social liberation in the past 50 years

Boeing crashes

Boeing to make safety feature standard on 737 Max planes The Hill (that’s news?)

Lack of redundancies on Boeing 737 MAX system baffles some involved in developing the jet Seattle Times

Gregory Travis: I have been a pilot and aircraft owner for thirty years. I have been a software developer for
over forty years. PDF – long

If I have not been clear, so far, let me say it succinctly. Boeing produced a dynamically unstable airframe, the 737 MAX. That is big strike #1. Boeing then tried to mask the 737’s dynamic instability with a software system, similar to the systems used in dynamically unstable fighter jets (though those jets are fitted with ejection seats). Big strike #2. Finally, the software system relied on systems known for their propensity to fail (angle of attack indicators) and did not appear to include even rudimentary provisions to cross check the outputs of the angle of attack sensor against other sensors, including the other angle of attack sensor. Big strike #3. …

The point is that the 737 MAX saga teaches us not only about the limits of technology and the risks of complexity, it teaches us about our real priorities. Safety is never first, no matter what the market campaigns would like us to believe. Money is first and safety’s only utility in that regard is in helping keep the money coming.

“Happy to Do It”: Emails Show Current FAA Chief Coordinated With Ex-Lobbyist Colleagues on Policy ProPublica

Cholera outbreak hits Mozambique following Cyclone Idai Axios

EarthRx: The Irish Potato Famine Was Caused by Capitalism, Not a Fungus Paste

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