Links – March 14, 2019

How Teacher Strikes Are Changing Education Week

Teachers are ‘ready to fight,’ says new Tennessee coalition inspired by strikes in other states Chalkbeat

Teamsters Union Faces Revolt From Members Over UPS Contracts HuffingtonPost

Fearing for his life The Verge

Ramsey Orta filmed the killing of Eric Garner. The video traveled far, but it wouldn’t get justice for his dead friend. Instead, the NYPD would exact their revenge through targeted harassment and eventually imprisonment — Orta’s punishment for daring to show the world police brutality.

CIA implicated in attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid  El País

According to Spanish investigators, two of the men who broke into the diplomatic headquarters have connections to the US intelligence service

A Boeing 737 Max lands in New York on March 11.

Boeing crash

A second 737 Max crash raises questions about airplane automation MIT Technology Review

Pilots complained to authorities about issues with the Boeing 737 Max for months before the deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash Business Insider

Hollywood’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Blockbuster Is Blatant US Military Propaganda Grayzone

These states want you to eat more roadkill Popular Science

China’s nuclear reactor building spree Asia Times

‘Testicular Bill of Rights’ would restrict men’s access to Viagra and porn Alternet

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