Links – March 13, 2019

The Number Of Grocery Workers Who Have Authorized A Strike Is Now More Than 30,000 Labor411

The Relentless Misery of Working Inside an Amazon Warehouse Medium

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Musicians Strike Chicago Crusader

Neoliberalism: not so bad? Michael Roberts

I don’t really like the term ‘neoliberal’ because it is used lazily as an alternative to pro-capitalist policies or even to the word ‘capitalism’ itself. In doing so, it causes confusion in explanations about trends and failures in capitalist development. … And if leftists continue to use ‘neoliberalism’ as a term to replace capitalism (or as some nasty ‘free market version), they open the door to the sort of nonsense that economic journalist Noah Smith concocted last week, as expressed in his Bloomberg piece: “Neoliberalism should not be a dirty word on the left”.

Thousands of people marched in Caracas in support of the Government of Nicolas Maduro and against U.S. interference. Photo: teleSUR


Venezuelans March Against Attack on Electric Grid System in Anti-imperialist Day teleSUR

Elliott Abrams orders India to stop buying oil from Venezuela ‘or else The Mighty USA will sanction you!’ Reuters

Sources: Trump Administration on Verge of Military Overthrow of Venezuelan Government Washington Babylon

American hedge funds, aided by Washington lobby shops, pushing for regime change so vultures get repaid by new U.S. puppet regime, sources say

US Media Erase Years of Chavismo’s Gains Venezuelanalysis

In ignoring the social gains achieved under the Bolivarian government, the corporate media justifies the US coup and right-wing opposition’s to eliminate Chavismo as a social force

Could Venezuela’s Power Outage Really Be A Cyber Attack? Forbes

Bolton threatens sanctions on banks doing business with Venezuela Intrepid Report

Our Boss Will Call Your Boss CEPR

On February 17, Haitian police arrested seven Blackwater-like security contractors a few blocks from the country’s Central Bank. They claimed to be on a government mission, and had a cache of weapons. Four days later the US “rescued” them. What happened?

The Dogs of War Sniff Out Mission in Central Africa The American Conservative

As if the United States wasn’t already pursuing enough murky and dubious military missions in such places as Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen, a push appears to be underway to expand Washington’s involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa.

War Happens in Dark Places, Too Contingent Magazine

Many spent the war in hiding. In thick woods and swamplands and on small river islands, they bided their time, refusing to fight and die for slavery. They bore many names: deserters, layouts, jawhawkers, tories. Some called them, because of the vegetation that slowly grew on their clothes while they hid from Confederate troops, “mossbacks.”

Top Marx for Pluralism Socialist Economist

According to Marxist theory, the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall (TRPF) leads to recurrent crises under capitalism. It’s a helpful device for framing the history of modern capitalism, from the profitability crisis of the 1970s to the 2008 financial crash. One does not have to buy Marx’s politics to admit that the facts are on his side here.

Dow Closes Lower as Wall Street Confronts Boeing Woes TheStreet

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