Links – March 9, 2019

Puerto Rico Forced to Slash Basic Food Aid While Waiting for Washington to Act Truthout

Ilhan Omar Dishes Out Some Harsh Truths About the Obama Administration Splinter

It’s Time to Tell the Truth: Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy Supports Ilhan Omar’s Critique of Israel Democracy Now

Hundreds of Sacramento students walk out, march to Capitol in Stephon Clark protest Sacramento Bee

WATCH: US Man Detained at Gunpoint for Picking Up Trash Outside His Home Sputnik

International Working Women’s Day

‘If We Stop, the World Stops!’: Hundreds of Thousands of Spanish Women Take to Streets for Feminist Strike Common Dreams

Inside Spain’s Radical, Union-Led Women’s Strike Splinter

Women’s Day unites activists, Turkish police break up crowd with tear gas Reuters

Women rally on International Women’s Day in Istanbul, Turkey, on March 8, 2019.

A history of International Women’s Day Counterfire

In a World Full of Crisis, the Women’s Movement Prepares to Take the Streets LeftVoice


Venezuelan Government: Blackout Was Preplanned, Reports About Deaths In Hospitals Are Fake News

Venezuelans Go About Their Day as Power Gradually Restored teleSUR

Venezuela will file complaint to UN over attack at power grids — vice president Tass

Venezuela blames sabotage & ‘US electricity war’ after major power outage RT

Venezuela Wins Round One Against the Empire Manuel E. Yepe

Setting the Stage for an Encounter at the Colombia-Venezuela Border Counterpunch

Exclusivo: Pence cruzó reproches con Guaidó en la cumbre de Bogotá
GoogleTranslate version: Exclusive: Pence crossed accusations with Guaidó at Bogotá summit

The Media Is Lying About Construction At Sohae Launch Facility Disobedient media

A series of reports from NBC News claim that “commercial” satellite footage shows that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been engaging in fresh construction at their Sohae Launch Facility in preparation for an alleged missile launch or test.

Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify on WikiLeaks Aljazeera

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Myth of American Innovation American Prospect

The intrepid New Yorker pulls back the curtain on how private companies profit from taxpayer-funded research

Demographic demise Michael Roberts

There is one outstanding statistical feature of 21st century capitalism. Capitalism is increasingly failing to develop what Marx called the “productive forces” (namely the technology and labour necessary to expand the output of things and services that human society needs or wants). As measured by gross national product in all the economies of the world (or per person), world capitalism is finding it more and more difficult to expand.

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