Links – March 8, 2019

Black man collecting trash from his OWN yard is confronted by at least FIVE cops yelling at him to ‘put down your weapon’ even though he was only carrying a litter-picker Daily Mail


Wabtec Workers Claim Strike Victory Common Dreams

Four Kentucky school districts forced to close as teachers call out sick in protest The Hill

Production to cease at Ohio GM plant operating for more than 50 years The Hill

Billionaire Elon Musk Has Quietly Laid Off 8,000 Tesla Workers Since Last Year GritPost

U.S. officials made list of reporters, lawyers, activists to question at border NBC

March 8, International Working Women’s Day


Heavily Armed Soldiers Aborted a Plan to Enter Venezuela by Force Bloomberg

Report from Bloomberg on why U.S. and Colombian officials aborted a plan by a ragtag group of soldiers led by an exiled Venezuelan general to “invade” Venezuela last month. Remembering the Bay of Pigs?

Venezuela – Guaidó Planned To Use Arms – Frustration Over Stalemate Sets In Moon of Alabama

BREAKING: FULL AUDIO – Elliot Abrams DUPED Into FULL CONFESSION Of U.S War & Theft Plans For Venezuela Fort Russ

US threatens ‘secondary sanctions’ against those who refuse to back its Venezuela coup RT

Family Dollar was once considered “Amazon-proof.” Now it’s closing hundreds of stores. Vox

US households see biggest decline in net worth since the financial crisis CNBC

471 parents were deported from US without their children during family separations CNN

A 60 Minutes story about gender equality accidentally proved the persistence of patriarchy Quartz

Indigenous Peoples

An Indigenous Critique of the Green New Deal PacificStandard

‘Our History Is The Future’ Puts Standing Rock In Broader Native American Story NPR

Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny NFB

Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman Rejects South Dakota Govenor’s Call To Stop Protests NativeNewsOnline

The forgotten murders of the Osage people for the oil beneath their land PBS

‘We are fighting’: Brazil’s indigenous groups unite to protect their land Guardian

Semites, Anti-Semites, Zionists and Anti-Zionists Verso

Heroic wager: The decision to form the Communist International John Riddell

LeBron passes Jordan

LeBron James moved past Michael Jordan for fourth place on the NBA career scoring list. With 32,293 points, LeBron now trails only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387 points), Karl Malone (36,928) and Kobe Bryant (33,643). Video: Relive the night in 1 minute.

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