Links – Feb. 28, 2019

Close To 2,000 Manufacturing Workers Just Went On Strike In Pennsylvania Huffington Post

The forgotten Northern, pre-Civil War origins of Jim Crow Washington Post

France’s class wars Le Monde Diplomatique


US Spy Plane Reportedly Spotted Over Venezuela as Maduro Warns of Risk of War Sputnik

Venezuela’s (very Black) Top General Addresses Troops Black Agenda Report

US Humanitarian Convoy for Venezuela Contained Expired Goods – Ambassador Sputnik

VIDEO: The Real Humanitarian Aid: Inside Venezuela’s State-Subsidized Communal Markets Grayzone

Chile’s Communist Party Rejects Intervention in Venezuela teleSUR

US-backed Venezuela ‘president’ Guaido could face 30 years in prison – judge RT

Brazil will not allow U.S. to use its territory to invade Venezuela – vice president Reuters

Lima Group does not support military intervention in Venezuela TASS

The Holes in Jorge Ramos’ Story About His Clash with Nicolas Maduro MPN

Salvador Allende’s grandson speaks out against Western-backed coup in Venezuela theCanary

South Africa’s Ruling ANC Expresses Solidarity with Venezuela teleSUR

Alexander von Humboldt, Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution ALAI

In 2019 we celebrate the 250th birthday of the scientist Alexander von Humboldt, the true “discoverer” of America according to Simon Bolívar, who knew him personally.  … While writing about the wonders of the tropical nature of America and the cultural wealth of its original peoples, Humboldt denounced — like no other before him — the horrors of slavery, the oppression of Indigenous peoples, and the injustices of the colonial system. Its importance for our time is due precisely to his ability to see the interrelations between the environment, society, politics and the economy.

Trump Threatens a Second Embargo of Cuba Truthout

Neo-Nazis and the Far Right Are On the March in Ukraine Nation

“Hit-and-run capitalism” targets Guyana’s oil and gas eBeefs

Survival of the Richest. All Are Equal, Except Those Who Aren’t Nomi Prins

If Emissions Aren’t Curbed, Clouds May Disappear Truthout

Western media and Libya’s African Genocide eBeef

The profound hypocrisy and inherent barbarism of bourgeois civilization lies unveiled before our eyes, turning from its home, where it assumes respectable forms, to the colonies, where it goes naked.
– Karl Marx

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