Links – Feb. 20, 2019


West Virginia Teachers Strike Again, Appear to Score Another Victory NY Mag

No end in sight for nationwide wave of teacher strikes Axios

Many states ban teacher strikes. It hasn’t stopped them yet Axios

Activists march for missing and murdered Indigenous women at the Women’s March California 2019 on January 19, 2019, in Los Angeles, California.

Indigenous Peoples

No One Knows How Many Indigenous Women Are Missing or Murdered Truthout

Marblehead Town Meeting to be asked to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

Venezuela and Haiti

How the U.S. Is Strangling Haiti as It Attempts Regime Change in Venezuela Vijay Prashad

Mercenary team? 5 US citizens among heavily armed group arrested amid Haiti protests RT

Top Citgo executives removed amid battle to control firm – sources Reuters

Cuba Bashes Trump Speech as ‘Pretext for War’ in Venezuela teleSUR

Trump Hits Venezuela with More Sanctions as US Military Brings ‘Aid’ Geopolitics Alert

Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters dismantles billionaire Richard Branson’s ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Venezuela the Canary

Oil, Neocons, Monroe Doctrine: Author Explains Origins of Trump’s Venezuela Plan Sputnik

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister on the ‘Failed’ Coup and Building a New Non-Aligned Movement Grayzone

War With China? It’s Already Under Way Michael Klare

Yellow Vest protests persist, three months on France24

Catalan leaders go on trial in Madrid over independence bid Reuters

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