Links – Feb. 19, 2019

West Virginia Teachers Are Striking Again, This Time over School Voucher Scheme Fortune

Nearly 3,000 Oakland Teachers Will Strike Thursday NBC

The world economy continues to show significant signs of a slowdown. Michael Roberts

The aircraft carrier USS Abrahm Lincoln (CVN-72) remains in operation near Florida, a few days sailing from the Caribbean region.

Venezuela, Haiti and Cuba

Confirmed: United States militarily close to Venezuela (+ Infography, Maps and Videos) Cubadebate | GoogleTranslate version

Venezuela’s opposition pleads for US intervention – Max Blumenthal reports from Caracas march Grayzone

‘Trump regime wants a civil war’: Venezuelans condemn US-led coup attempt Grayzone

Neoliberalism or Death — the U.S. Economic War Against Venezuela Intercept

Trump may seek more punishment of Cuba The Conversation

Haitian Authorities Arrest Americans Transporting Cache of Weapons amid Uprising MPN

There are several factors for Venezuela’s economic crisis, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to U.S. leaders or following corporate media. Consortium News

‘What the Hell Is Going On?’ How a Small Group Seized Control of Venezuela’s Opposition WSJ

Who Else Might Like Medicare for All? Retired Coal Miners Who Just Had Their Health Benefits Ripped Away Common Dreams

Florida Cops Arrest, Charge Sixth Grader Who Refused to Salute Flag Splinter

Alabama newspaper editor calls for Klan return to ‘clean out D.C.’ Montgomery Advertiser

The resurgent left. Millennial socialism The Economist

Millennial socialists want to shake up the economy and save the climate The Economist

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