Links – Feb. 16, 2019

‘This is a union town’ — NYC councilman says Amazon’s HQ2 is ‘antithetical’ to our values CNBC

LGBT activist in Oaxaca found slain; promoted Zapotec ‘3rd gender Yucatan

Haiti government silent as deadly protests show no sign of ending France24

“Open the door! Humanitarian aide.”


Venezuela economist Pasqaualina Curcio: The Visible Hand of the Market — Economic Warfare in Venezuela

I Will Never Forget El Mozote. Elliott Abrams Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Either.
Inadvertently, Ilhan Omar revealed that Trump may have picked the right man to implement his policy in Venezuela.

Petrodollar Warfare: The Common Thread Linking Venezuela and Iran MPN

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister: “The US is in Front of the Coup Attempt, not Behind it” Real News Network

The Siege of Venezuela and the Travails of Empire Counterpunch

US military planes with ‘humanitarian aid’ bound for Venezuela after new sanctions RT

Maduro, Guaidó and American Exceptionalism Counterpunch

Lopez Rivera, Puerto Ricans Reject US Plan to Invade Venezuela teleSUR

Montana Women Sue Border Protection Agents After Being Detained for Speaking Spanish While in Public The Root

Israel Detained 500 Palestinians, Including 89 Children So Far in 2019 teleSUR

Indigenous Peoples

Letter from Zapatista Women to Women who Fight all over the World Last Real Indians

Trudeau’s Commitment to Indigenous Groups Tested by Minister’s Resignation NYTimes

Impacts of Exploding US Oil Production on Climate and Foreign Policy Counterpunch

Galileo and the Inquistion

E pur si muove (and yet it moves) scratched on his prison wall. The phrase is still used today as a retort, implying it doesn’t matter what you believe these are the facts.

Meet Henrietta Leavitt, the woman who gave us a universal ruler Astronomy

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